Fresher Resume

Fresher Resume

Resume plays important role in attaining a job especially for fresher candidate. While seeking a job it is important to give emphasis on preparing resume as well. Here you will get brief idea about how to prepare your resume as a fresh candidate.

While writing your fresher resume, make sure it covers your skills, objectives and exposure to concerned field. Fresher resume tips and sample fresher resume that are provided here will be definitely helpful for you to prepare job fetching resume.

You can prepare resume for fresher jobs in all fields using fresher resume tips and sample fresher resumes.

Fresher Resume Template

Personal Details:

  • Name
  • Current and Permanent Address
  • Contact Details: Phone Number
  • E-mail
Career Objective:

In this section, mention your knowledge, skill effectively along with your aim and aspirations. With career objective line, you can convince that you are the perfect candidate for the job. For fresher resume, career objective can be like:

Seeking an opportunity in a reputed organization to utilize my skill and knowledge in best possible way.

Academic Qualification:

Here in academic qualification section, put all your educational details in brief. You can also put it in tabular form. Simple format for writing your educational/ academic qualification are as follows:

General Studies   Name of school   Year

Graduation   Name of college/ University   Year

Masters   Name of college/ University    Year

Professional Qualification:

If you have done any relevant courses and training apart from your academics, do mention it in professional qualification section. It will work to your credential.

Core Competencies:

To standout your resume, mention all your skills related to concerned field. It makes your resume outstanding and also reader feels that you know the things from basic.

Action Verbs

Use extensive keywords and action items in your resume to describe your skills and accomplishments. Following are some action items that you can use to prepare fresher resume.

Business, component, characteristic, customer service, safety engineering, personal service, problem solving, shift quality, economy, software, team player, manufacturing, animation, human resources, organization and recreation.

Sample Fresher Resumes